On our way from homeschool co-op, I managed to drive over a giant bolt, which caused an almost immediate flattening of my tire.  We are thankful that the children and I made it home safely.  But now the tire is completely flat, and Tim is diligently trying to remove it and replace it with the spare.   Unfortunately,  he has been unable to loosen the nuts to remove the tire.  So we’re in a state of limbo.  I’m praying that we can get the spare on, so we can get to the tire shop.  And it looks like it’s going to rain.  As discombobulated as I currently feel, I know that these sorts of interruptions are actually part of God’s good plan for my life.  Lord, help me have the grace to accept these disturbances with calm.

See the bolt?

He was smiling when he started. And no, he is not intentionally making a rude hand gesture 🙂