Roses from my sweet neighbor Robin

Last Sunday, in addition to celebrating another “day of rest and gladness” in worship at church, our family also celebrated Mother’s Day.  I slept in until 7:30AM (this really is late for me) and took a relaxed shower without having to tend to anyone else’s needs.  My hubby, along with the children, prepared homemade french toast and coffee and brought it to me in bed.  I sat alone in bed with my delicious breakfast and read quietly, while my husband fed the children and cleaned up the kitchen.  It was wonderful!  On top of all this luxury, I also received a lovely card written by Timothy and signed by my children.  Inside the card was a gift certificate to my favorite spa in town.  Hurray!  And (yes, it gets even better) my love also gave me something to help me in days of domesticity–a shock-absorbent mat to put on the floor in front of the sink.

This year I really had no expectations about Mother’s Day, although I sort of knew about the french toast because Tim went to the store Sat. night and returned home with a loaf of white, thick-sliced bread. haha!  But I was really blessed by the gift of thoughtfulness from my family.  It’s nice to feel appreciated, even when we know we’re working as unto the Lord and not to men.

Tim got me a hydrangea too! I'm going to try really hard not to kill it.

My new mat--I dragged Tim out of his office to take this picture, and yes, I did put the slippers on just because my feet are gross right now (too much flip-flop wearing and not enough exfoliation)