Those of you who read this blog know that our family is eagerly awaiting the birth of our third child, Tyler James.  I am officially overdue now.  So, in honor of this somewhat anticipated circumstance, I thought I would post two recent belly shots taken by my friend Erin.  The pictures are of me and my friend Monica who is due in early January.  I must confess to feeling slightly impatient and anxious about the onset of labor.  That is in complete contrast to Monica, who delivered her first child extremely prematurely at 29 1/2 weeks and is now thrilled to be past the 36 week mark.  God has been so good to answer our prayers and keep her baby Olivia in the womb so long.  Keep us both in your prayers as we each get closer to the big day.  Monica, here’s hoping that Tyler is older than Olivia.MelandMonica1smMelandMonica2sm