Tyler waiting patiently

Lucy waiting patiently

The Cat-in-the-Hat

Friday I took Lucy and Tyler to the library to hear about nocturnal creatures and see the Cat-in-the-Hat.  I’ll admit that the presentation was not that great.  The Cat was definitely the highlight for both the kids and me.  Just the same, I love the free events at our public library.  We’ve been to magic shows, juggling shows, and seen fun characters like the Cat and Clifford.  In addition, I just love the library.  I love to be around books and think about all the possibilities for reading, and I want to pass down that passion to my kids.  Right now they’re mostly interested in playing on the kids’ computers, but they also enjoy choosing the stories we will read in the upcoming week, and Connor is starting to get into choosing the books that he can read himself.  We go to the library about once a week.  The book Honey for a Child’s Heart is a great resource for good children’s literature, and I take that book with me frequently to give me ideas for authors.