Hello everyone.  I have a  couple of minutes so I’m going to try to catch up.  We’ll see how far I get.

Three beans reading

My oldest bean Connor is learning to read.  Hurray!  He is doing a wonderful job, and I am so excited by the strides he’s made even this summer.  It is really like a door to a different world has been opened up to him.  We have been making a list of every book he reads this summer and giving him a little reward for every 20 books he reads.  So far he’s earned one reward, and he’s working towards his second.  As his mother and homeschool teacher, I am so thrilled that the pieces of reading are starting to come together for him.  Learning to read English is a difficult challenge, since none of the rules are hard and fast, but I’m enjoying guiding my son through this adventure.  It’s also really encouraging to see Lucy excited about the prospect of learning to read.

Tyler's first beater

Connor's lego entry

Connor receives the Lego Jr. magazine in which there is a quarterly contest.  For this particular contest, kids are supposed to make an American flag out of legos.  Above is a picture of Connor’s effort.  I was pretty impressed…and I love that left cheek dimple. 🙂