Lucy has recently had her toes painted on two separate, special occasions.  (I have painted her toes several times in the past, but these two times were more’ll see why in a second.  Also, we almost never paint her finger nails, because she still sucks her thumb when she sleeps.)

Daddy painted her toes...what a treat!

Yesterday, I took Lucy on a little date where she got her haircut and she got her toes painted.  She loved it!  She chose her own color, and she definitely has a better eye for color than I do.  The pink she picked was perfect!  The girl at the nail salon was so sweet to her and even painted little flowers on her big toes.  In the last picture, notice the little specks of dirt on Lucy’s toes…my tomboy child and her dirty feet (she didn’t get a pedicure, just nail painting, so her feet remained dirty…haha!)

Ready to be pampered!

Sitting very still

Making a polish flower with a toothpick

The finished product...dirt specks and all