The original plan was for all the children to be ninjas this year.  When no pink ninja costumes were found for Lucy, though, she opted for the more feminine mermaid costume.  Tyler also decided against the ninja costume, wavering between superhero, Thomas the Tank Engine, and a tree (not sure what this last one was all about, but we had to talk him out of it).  In the end, Tyler went with a blue cape and Connor’s batman mask.  Tim and I took the kiddies trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, and I’m sad to say that the children got loads of candy.  There’s really nothing too redeeming about Halloween apart from seeing how cute the kids are in their costumes…oh well.  At least, Tyler wasn’t crying the whole time this year.  I’m sure everyone who reads this blog remembers Tyler the crying dinosaur.  See the video below. 🙂

Three Halloween Beans