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Busy baby!

Trying to stand up :)

Trying to stand up 🙂

It's so much fun to play in the kitchen cabinets :)

It’s so much fun to play in the kitchen cabinets 🙂

Exploring the pantry

Exploring the pantry

Showing me her new standing up trick in her bed

Showing me her new standing up trick in her bed

Catching a ride on Daddy's shoulders

Catching a ride on Daddy’s shoulders

Emma and Mommy

Emma and Mommy

Helping Daddy give Lucy a bath :)

Helping Daddy give Lucy a bath 🙂


Figuring out the dishwasher

Figuring out the dishwasher

She found the leftover Halloween candy.

She found the leftover Halloween candy.

Figuring out crawling

This little video was from the beginning of December…only a few months behind 🙂

Christmas Card 2013

Stationery Card
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Emma at 8 1/2 months old

Love this dress (Thank you, Jennifer McDow!) but I wish she was smiling.

Playing in the leaves

Tried to catch sweet Emma in the "good light" of dusk, but she wasn't having it. Look at that poochy lip!

Finding the Christmas tree

What a pair of cuties!

Thanksgiving in Greenville

Love this pic. Connor and Trevor are playing Stratego, and Philip and Timothy are sharing an air mattress and taking a snooze in the background.

The Van Steenburgh girls 🙂

The beans, their new cousin Campbell, and Grandma

We traveled to my in-laws’ in Greenville, SC for the entire week of Thanksgiving, which was a treat.  We made lots of memories, eating yummy food (of course!) and playing games and just spending time together.  As an added bonus, we got to spend a day at my sister-in-law’s new home in Spartanburg.  Meeting the newest nephew/cousin Campbell Hayes Van Steenburgh was so much fun for all of us, especially since he (and his parents) will soon be leaving for Dubai to a part of a church plant there. (I began writing this post in December and am finally getting around to finishing it.  My bro-in-law Philip is now in Dubai, and his wife Katherine and baby Campbell are headed there next week.)  Lots of pics were taken but here are a few favorites.

Philip, Katherine, and Campbell

Tyler, Uncle John, and Grandma Viksnins

Family game of Rook

Playing with blocks at Grandma's house (8 mos.)

Kids' table at Aunt Sharon and Uncle Doug's house

Thanksgiving dinner

All the grandchildren (so far)

Doug, Sharon, Lydia, Justin, & James