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The children just started private art lessons in our home with Miss Dayna.  Even though they are just beginners, they have done some beautiful artwork already.  I hope to post samples as they complete projects.  It will be fun to watch their progress.

Lucy's horse

Connor's horse

Family pics

Aren't my parents so cute?

My cousin Pierson got married in September in Chicago, and my parents and brother and sister-in-law were able to attend.  It was too much for our family circus, but my aunt sent me these great pictures of my family.  I wanted to post them because they’re such sweet pics.

Mom and Dad again

My brother Kevin and my sister-in-law Marisol

Halloween 2013

Tigger and the ladybug

Tigger Tyler

I think Connor was some kind of zombie ninja--kind of scary

Wonder Woman Lucy

Ladybug Emma

Halloween Beans


Connor and Lucy are both taking Suzuki piano, and they are progressing so well.  We are so proud of their hard work in their piano practice.  Here are a couple of videos of pre-recital rehearsals at home from a few months ago.

Seven months old

Emma was seven months old at the end of October.  She is growing so fast.  (I’m trying to catch up all my posts before the end of the year so I can start fresh in January.)

Connor and Emma taking selfies 🙂

One of the children took this one

Worley Visit

Rich, Miss, and the kids came and stayed with us for their yearly October visit.  We pretended it was fall weather and attended Rogers Farm Fall Festival and roasted marshmallows in the fire pit.  We all had a great visit except for one minor mishap involving two clogged toilets, a sewage overflow, and a plumber on the roof snaking out the pipes.  It was seriously like a scene out of Dumb and Dumber, but we all had a good laugh about it and no one stressed…not even me, and I had to mop up the overflow 🙂  Here are some pics from the visit.

Roasting marshmallows in the new fire pit

The boys carving pumpkins

The girls working hard to scoop out their pumpkins

Connor and Caleb worked on their pumpkins the longest

The finished pumpkins

Uncle Rich always comes through with a "Hot Now" Krispy Kreme doughnut breakfast

Bouncing pillow

Emma enjoyed her little ride

Tyler got to ride his pony without Mommy or Daddy holding him on.

TyTy wasn't quite strong enough to ring the bell

Both Connor and Caleb were able to "dunk" the man.

Aunt Missy and Emma Jane

Autumn and Tyler

The Worleys

The Van Steenburghs

The Van Steenburgh girls

All the buddies

We celebrated Autumn's 5th birthday too! Miss and I collaborated on this homemade cookie cake 🙂

Pumpkin Patch

We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch mid-October, and the children had a great time choosing their pumpkins and jumping in the bounce house.   It was quite warm, however, and we were all sweating the whole time we were there.  Ahh, fall in Florida 🙂

Big girl!

More life

Sweet Lu


What a cutie!

This picture really amuses me for some reason 🙂

in the backyard