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Quick correction

I realized as I was going to bed tonight that I blamed my blogging backlog on my busyness with four children–that’s not true.  It’s just that I’m disorganized and tired.  That was the case when I had one child too 🙂  (Does anyone else struggle to be productive once their kids are in bed?  All day long, I think about what I’m going to accomplish once the little ankle biters are down for the night, but as soon as I’ve said my last “good night,”  my brain goes into a sort of vegetable state.) I am busy with my children, but I think I was worse about blogging when I had fewer children.  I just wanted to keep it real.  🙂  Night-night.

Connor’s Lego creations

Lucy’s Ballet Recital

Lucy took ballet again this past year, and we all really enjoyed the culmination of her efforts at this year’s recital.  She did a wonderful job and looked so beautiful in her sparkly costume.  She’s the third dancer from the left in the video, in case it’s hard to tell.  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, sweet Lucy!

From the dress rehearsal

Before the recital

Hilton Head 2013

We enjoyed our annual Van Steenburgh family vacation in Hilton Head, SC over Memorial Day week (So I’m a couple of months behind in posting–sigh–life with four children).  There were eighteen of us there this year, actually nineteen if you count the littlest Van Steenburgh (Philip and Katherine’s first and a boy!) due in October. 🙂  It was a fun time of fellowship, games, beach and pool time….yes, it was a little overwhelming and exhausting at times, especially with a 2-month old baby, but thanks to my wonderful husband, it was probably the most stress-free large family vacation I’ve ever experienced.  Thanks, honey!  I have a ridiculous number of pictures from this trip and cannot possibly post them all, but here are a few of the cutest ones.

On the balcony of the condo before church

Emma and Grandma

The Florida Van Steenburghs

Emma and Aunt Lydia

Sweet Emma with Mommy

TyTy with Mommy

Emma and Uncle James

Handsome boy!

Beautiful Lucy

Emma and Uncle Philip

The whole family (so far)

All eighteen of us again 🙂

Emma and Aunt Katherine

My favorite 3 year old

Ty and Grandma

Playing Moods together

Connor was in game paradise! This is Ticket to Ride.

Lucy and Makayla

Hanging out in our little beach tent

Emma and Papa

Fun in the waves

2 months old

Ok, so Emma was two months old May 24–these pictures are already over 2 months old, which in Emma’s case means they don’t look like her now.  But I have to play catch up so I can keep a photographic record of her growth for myself.  So prepare yourself for an enormous backlog of posts once I get going.  It seems that writing and posting events that took place more than a month in the past is going to be my m.o. for the foreseeable future.  By the way, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on this blog or not, but Emma is the spit-up queen, much more so than any of the others–this is why she always has a bib on.

Before church

Ready to go out

What a cutie!