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Cherokee & Ft. Myers

Timothy accompanied my dad and our friend Rich to Cherokee, NC for the annual fly fishing trip.  My father-in-law also joined them up there.  They spent a week hanging out and fishing, fishing, fishing for trout in the streams up there.  While they were away, I took the children down to Ft. Myers to be with my mom and hang out with my best buds Miss (Rich’s wife)  and Jess and their children.  We had a great time down there, and it was a blessing to have such good company while our husbands were away.  The children spent several hours a day swimming in the pool, and Tyler learned to be a little more independent with water wings.

Rich, Tim, Dad V., Dad G.

Florida Sportsman!

Dad V. caught the biggest fish of the trip!

Lucy and Samantha in Aunt Missy's pool

Sweet Emma Jane

Lucy and Samantha doing sidewalk chalk

Look at my big girl lifting her head!

Ordinary Days

With the heat of summer upon us, the kids are getting creative with indoor activities.  Unfortunately for us, that means using the throw pillows in various, sometimes dangerous ways.  It really bothers my sweet husband when he finds the pillows not on the couch, so we try to tidy up before he comes out of the office. 🙂  Sorry the video quality is so bad–notice Emma in the bouncy seat in the background and you may also be able to hear Christmas music playing from Pandora–haha!

My big boy--reading my Kindle and holding his baby sister 🙂

Connor's slide creation

Tyler's attempt at sliding down...or was he trying a somersault?

Blueberry Picking

I have a serious backlog of posts going on here…trying to catch up. 🙂  We got to go blueberry picking at our friends’ (the Palmers) blueberry farm.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time.  We were so glad that the McDows and Miss Martha could join us.

Cara McDow..adorable!

My most faithful picker

He ate more than he picked I think

Not sure why he chose this Indiana Jones hat 🙂