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Flag Football

This spring Connor has played Flag Football with Pray then Play sports.  It’s his first team sport experience, and he has really enjoyed it.  We’ve enjoyed watching him understand more about the sport and practice playing different positions.  He really likes playing defense and grabbing those flags.

My favorite wide receiver

The team

The fans 🙂

Piano Recital

Connor and Lucy participated in their first formal Suzuki piano recital on Friday, April 19, 2013.  My mom and dad were able to be there, which made it even more special.  Both children did well playing their pieces and remembering all the little details of their performance, including their bow and good hand position.  Of course, they are both beginners, so their pieces were extremely short, especially Lucy’s (see below), but Tim and I are so proud of the progress they are both making in piano.  They also both earned Star Student trophies for completing 50 practice days and listening to their Suzuki CD for 50 hours over the course of the spring semester.  Great job, little beans!

My mom was so helpful during her visit. The children loved getting extra stories read to them.

Emma met Grammy and Grumpa for the first time during this visit.

Receiving star student honors on stage after recital

With their trophies

One of those days

Today was not one of those days for me, but I’ve experienced times like these.  This little cartoon makes me laugh every time I see it.  Enjoy 🙂

My Emma

Close up

Connor has been so sweet with his littlest sibling 🙂

Chatting with Daddy

She still has blue eyes 🙂

She’s growing so fast.  I have finally managed to get some “eyes-open” pictures, and you’re probably about to see more of them than you care to see, but what can I say?  I’m in love!  And since this may very well be our last baby, I have to savor every single minute with my little one before she’s big.  I wish I had had a blog when Connor bean was born.  I feel a slight bit of mommy guilt that I’m posting pictures and journaling about Emma, when I didn’t really do that with the others….sigh.  Ok, enough chat, here are the pics. 🙂

Little bug-a-boo

Big sis can't get enough of little sis

contemplative girl

Nappin' with Daddy

in the Moby wrap

Hanging out in the swing