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Strawberry picking

I love spring in Gainesville (when there is a spring, because sometimes we go right to summer)–that is, apart from the shifting weather that often swings from the 30s to the 80s.  But I love the cool air and bright blue skies, and of course, I love all the fruit that is coming into season.  The children look forward to each spring when we can go strawberry picking and blueberry picking.  Despite my  newly postpartum status, I didn’t want to disappoint the bigger beans, so we left Emma with Daddy Saturday morning and went on a whirlwind strawberry picking expedition.  One of the ladies who runs the farm was so kind to give us a ride in her golf cart to the far rows where there were lots of juicy, ripe berries, and in about 15 minutes we were able to pick 4 buckets full.  We returned home before Emma was awake from her nap, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to take the other three on this fun outing. 🙂

Tyler was much better at finding the red ones this year 🙂

My precious Lu

More closed mouth smiles from Connor these days, since the massive tooth loss

Someday I'll capture 3, no make that 4, children smiling at the camera at the same time

Riding back on the tractor!

What a fun morning out!

Guess who

Since Emma’s been born, I have wanted to compare her early baby pictures with the newborn pictures of my other children.  Here are the days old pictures of each of the children.  See if you can guess who is who.

In case you got a little confused, I posted the pictures of the children in birth order–so the first is Connor, the second is Lucy, the third is Tyler, and the fourth is Emma.  See a family resemblance? 🙂

First days at home

Emma Jane is a sweet baby.  She loves to cuddle with her mommy especially.  She is doing a great job at nursing and sleeping, although she spits up quite a bit.  She really doesn’t fuss except right before she has to spit up or when she is getting her diaper changed.  We are so thankful that God has given us another covenant child to love and train.  Connor, Lucy and Tyler are adjusting well to their new baby sister and have been really helpful to Mommy and gentle with Emma.  I am tired but feeling well–God has truly poured out His grace on our family.  Thank you again to our Redemption family who have provided so many wonderful meals for us and childcare:  all this help has enabled me to get rest and have the energy to take care of my family.

Sorry there aren’t pictures of her with her eyes open.  It’s really hard to catch her awake.  Her eyes are currently blue, in case you were wondering.

Lucy and Emma

Emma with Mommy

Love this rock 'n play bassinet hammock--thanks, Megan!

Hanging out after bath

Sweet big brother

Can you tell Lucy can't get enough of holding her sister?

Swaddle baby

Snuggle bug

Love this cow outfit--thanks, Jennifer!

Emma and Daddy

at the hospital

at home

Hospital visitors

Hannah--our treasured babysitter and friend who stayed overnight with the children while we were having Emma. Thank you, dear friend!

Pastor Joel

Marianne--thank you again for hanging out at the hospital with me on Monday night 🙂

Teresa--so glad you came, sweet friend!

Jono and Kaylen  Saunders, thank you for coming too!  I’m sorry we didn’t get your picture with Emma.