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Thanksgiving 2012: Surprise trip to Disney

Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving celebration this year, Tim and I decided to take the children to Disney World as a surprise.  My parents graciously accompanied us on this trip, and we were so happy to have them along.  This is the second time our children have been to Disney, but the first time was three years ago, so the only child who even remotely remembered it was Connor.  The parks were packed with people because of the holidays, but we still had a blast.  We managed to hit almost all the rides and attractions when there was no wait or we had fast passes.  We spent nearly 12 hours a day at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and then Magic Kingdom again–three solid days of walking.  It was exhausting, especially for this pregnant mama.  I sort of wish I had taken pictures of my feet when I finally took off my sneakers at 10PM at the hotel, but that’s probably more information than you want.  Connor walked the entire time and was a trooper. I was so proud of him for his attitude and stamina.  Lucy and Tyler tired out more easily and rode around most of the time in strollers, but everyone really kept good attitudes for the most part.  And the weather was gorgeous!  I am so glad we were able to squeeze in this vacation before baby #4 arrives.  It was a really special time with the children and my parents.   Sorry for all the pics–it was so hard to choose which ones to post.  There are also a a couple of videos.  If you only choose one to watch, I recommend the turkey leg eating one. 🙂

Riding the monorail

First morning on Main Street USA

Connor trying to pull the sword from the stone

Tyler playing in the brand new waiting/playing area in the Dumbo ride

Three beans in the Dumbo

Grammy and Tyler on It's a Small World

The carousel: a favorite of Grammy and her namesake

Tim generously took the bean on the teacups ride--I'm nauseated just thinking about it. 🙂

Taking a break for Mickey bars

Tyler got one too!

Getting ready to race--this was Tyler's favorite ride!

Lucy and I rode this together and laughed hysterically because the car was completely out of control the whole time, even after I took the wheel 🙂

Tim, my dad, and Connor

Three beans and Nemo

Hubby and me 🙂

Grammy and Grumpa with the kids in Japan

We love these sombrero pics!

A picture with Mickey--hurray!

On the new Ariel ride

Grumpa braved more Lucy driving

The littlest racer

Tyler got chosen as Chip the teacup in Enchanted Tales with Belle

My dad, Connor & Lucy also had parts in the performance

Kid quotes

I made homemade pizza a couple nights ago, and both these little gems came from our supper table.

Backhanded Compliment:

Connor: “This actually tastes a little bit like real pizza.”  (Thanks, son.)

Word Confusion:

Tyler, holding up the crust of his pizza: “Is this the Christ?”  (I think this vocab mix-up was the result of our memory verse practice which says “Christ Jesus” twice.  It was really hard to keep a straight face.)