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Halloween 2012

The original plan was for all the children to be ninjas this year.  When no pink ninja costumes were found for Lucy, though, she opted for the more feminine mermaid costume.  Tyler also decided against the ninja costume, wavering between superhero, Thomas the Tank Engine, and a tree (not sure what this last one was all about, but we had to talk him out of it).  In the end, Tyler went with a blue cape and Connor’s batman mask.  Tim and I took the kiddies trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, and I’m sad to say that the children got loads of candy.  There’s really nothing too redeeming about Halloween apart from seeing how cute the kids are in their costumes…oh well.  At least, Tyler wasn’t crying the whole time this year.  I’m sure everyone who reads this blog remembers Tyler the crying dinosaur.  See the video below. 🙂

Three Halloween Beans

Quick fall pics

Annual Worley Visit

Our dear friends the Worleys came for a long weekend visit at the end of October.  We managed to squeeze 10 people into our house (4 adults and 6 children) and still have a great time together.  The kids played well together and the adults enjoyed visiting and catching up.  We packed the weekend full with a trip to the bowling alley, the park, and Rogers Farm for their fall festival.  Missy also assisted me in making Chinese dumplings, which were enjoyed by all on Friday night.  The adults even managed to squeeze in a  game of Settlers of Catan on Saturday night.  Sunday we worshiped together at Redemption OPC, and then they had to go home.  Thanks, Rich and Miss, for taking the time and effort to visit us again.  Come again soon!

Caleb and Connor (on top of the swing set)

The coneheads (This picture was Uncle Rich's idea)

Tyler and Samantha

One of the many board games Connor taught Caleb over the weekend

Lucy, Samantha, Connor, and Caleb

Samantha and Autumn on the jumping pillow

Silly Uncle Rich

We call this the cheese grin 🙂

Mommy and mini-man

The Van Steenburghs

The Worleys

Keeping 6 kids in line is a hard job!

Tyler + Cotton Candy = Sticky (happy) mess

Roasting marshmallows around the firepit 🙂

Bullet points

So since I’ve been out of touch for so long again, I’m taking a break from my usual lengthy prose and just posting the highlights (with pics, of course). 🙂  I have way more than this, but I need to start somewhere.

  • My sweet Connor turned 7 years old on Sept. 24, and we had a family celebration for him.  This included a trip to the movie theater, dinner out, ice cream cake and presents at home.

Toy of choice these days: Lego Ninjago!

Happy 7th Birthday, buddy!

  • We planted a square foot garden in our backyard.  We planted carrots, kale, radishes, broccoli, and lettuce from seed.  We also bought small bok choy plants and planted green onion bulbs.  Hopefully some day soon I can post pictures of a bountiful harvest!

Special soil: Compost, vermiculite, and peat moss

I helped mix the soil, but Tim and Ty did most of the work.

Helper #1

The rest of the help

  • We got a brand new range/oven because our old one broke.  I love the new one, and it’s super fun to have a completely clean oven (at least for now).

Tim had to do some demolition in order for the new oven to fit. Good job, honey!

The oven shelves actually gleam...I'm enjoying it while it lasts 🙂

  • October field trip with our homeschool subgroup to Kanapaha Botanical Garden.

The three beans

  • Connor learned how to hula hoop.

He asked me how much he would get paid as a professional hula hooper...oh dear.