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July 4th

The week of July 4th, we made an unplanned trip down to Ft. Myers, because Kev (my bro) and Marisol (sis-in-law) were going to be visiting my parents from Louisiana.  I’m so thankful for Tim’s current job, because he can come with us when we visit S. FL now and just work from my parents’ house.

We had a great visit with everyone, and the children had a great time playing in the pool, playing games, and hanging out with family and friends.  We’ll be back down there again next week for N. Ft. Myers Pres. VBS.  Here are some pics from a couple of weeks ago.

Samantha, Lu, and Autumn piled into my mom's recliner

Tyler and Lucy playing Guess Who with Grumpa (Lucy's not actually asleep in this picture--just blinked)

Connor's new favorite game: Settlers of Catan! (We need to work on these inadvertent hand gestures 😉 )

Guess who with Uncle Kevin

Auntie Marisol on the floor playing train with Lu and Ty

Monopoly Deal is still a favorite

Ribs and corn on the cob for the 4th!

Aunt Marisol was sweet to play cards with Connor and also share her i-pad

There are always popsicles to be had at Grammy and Grumpa's

Lucy’s Ballet Recital

Some of you asked about seeing Lucy’s ballet recital video, so here it is.  Enjoy!