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Spring update

Life has been full and I’ve been busy…sooo the blog has suffered a bit.  But I’m back again.  Spring seems to be moving more quickly than I remember: soccer for Lucy right now, thrifting and yard-saling with friends, homeschooling, upcoming recitals (piano and ballet), church stuff, playdates.  But we’ve been enjoying it all.  Here are some quick bullet updates.

  • Connor had  his first homeschool evaluation last Friday, and it went very well.  He’s ahead in reading and math (Good job, buddy!), and we need to work a little bit on handwriting.  I’m so very proud of the hard work he’s done this year and the sense of personal responsibility and diligence that are developing in his character.  I wish I could say that I am consistently a gentle and patient homeschool teacher–I’m not; nevertheless, my sweet firstborn son has been patient with me and forgiving when I fail to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Lucy’s soccer continues to go well.  She was fearful of the actual games at first, because she doesn’t like the idea of rushing whoever has the ball.  But she has overcome her fear and is quick to hustle and go after the ball.  She is proactive without being aggressive, and she keeps a happy heart all throughout the game.  I’m so proud of you, Lu!
  • Little TyTy James is growing up fast, although he’s still my mini-man physically. 🙂  His vocabulary is ever expanding, and he continues to surprise us by what he understands and what he can communicate.  We’re really working on obeying without tantrums and pouting, but Tyler has proven the most difficult of our children to discipline: 1. He’s the baby, 2. We’re older and more tired, 3.  He never takes anything seriously.  If we are able to overcome the first two reasons, we are often stymied by the third.  This child can stare down anyone and make them smile–it’s uncanny.  But we are so thankful for the giggles and good humor that accompany our two year old.

Here are some recent pics.

Love these moments!

Moonsand in the backyard

Whiffle ball with Daddy

Playing Enchanted Forest with Daddy

Officially a soccer mom

My sweet girl Lucy Leigh started soccer with the Kangaroo Kickers at the Y this past Saturday.  She asked me about playing soccer a few months ago (completely of her own volition), and when I saw the Y program, it seemed perfect. We meet at the Y fields at 10:30AM on Saturdays for an hour: twenty minutes of practice and then a forty minute game.  So far she loves it, and she is very conscientious about following the coaches’ instructions.  And, of course, she looks so stinkin’ cute in her soccer stuff.

quick pose in the family room

ready to kick

with mini-man before practice

kicking the ball with a partner

listening to Coach Laurie