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This past week we have been experiencing some gorgeous spring weather.  Some may argue that it’s too warm, but I’m loving it!  Our backyard is shady and cool, and the kids enjoyed a picnic lunch a couple of days ago.


I let Lucy take some pictures with the camera, and this is one she got.  Since I am in so few of the pictures of my family (can I get a witness, fellow mommies?), I thought I’d post this one, despite its very candid quality. 🙂

Me with my mini-man


"Weed" flowers picked by sweet Lucy and Tyler for Mommy 🙂

Hoping these pears will actually get ripe, but in the meantime I wanted to capture their beautiful green color.

We’ve been out of town, down to Ft. Myers (again!) while my darling hubby was away in CA on business, then a one-day whirlwind trip to visit my dear friend Katie in Melbourne, and then most recently to Greenville, SC to see my in-laws.  I’ll save the Greenville pics for my next post, but below are the highlights and pictures from the last few weeks in chronological order:

  • First here is some art from Lucy

Apple still life 🙂

  • Popcorn and movie night at home


Captain Connor (notice the cape)

Little Lu

The popcorn maker

  • Ft. Myers beach trip with Miss, Jess, and Christi (and all 12 kids)

Andrew and Tyler

Hannah and Autumn

Samantha and Charis

Half the crew

  • Trip to visit Katie, too short but really sweet…so glad I finally got to hold Sarah!

Katie and I all dressed up to go to Fiddler on the Roof

  • Storytime at Grammy’s

Three beans

  • Connor’s first lost tooth (pulled by our dentist to make room for his already sprouting adult tooth)

Excited by the prospect of the tooth fairy

Fun with friends

This past Monday we joined our church friends to celebrate Nate Fick’s seventh birthday.  We all met at the Florida Museum of Natural History.  We enjoyed some 10AM cake balls, courtesy of Shelli, along with fruit and juice boxes from Marianne.  Then we all wandered through the museum, and the kids had fun playing in the Discovery Room.  After that, most of us met at Crispers for lunch.  Thanks for inviting us, Marianne!  (The pictures below were taken by Marianne.  The one of Nate and Connor is showing Nate’s crazy tooth that was, until Wed., growing out of the roof of his mouth and Connor’s first adult tooth that has made a premature appearance before any lost teeth.)

Playing with blocks in the Discovery Room

Marveling at God's creation "under the sea"

Lunch at Crispers

Shark Teeth 🙂

Loerop Visit

Tyler feeding the horse

Last weekend I had the privilege of keeping my dear friend Jessica’s two boys Nathan (5) and Andrew (2) while she and her husband were away at a discipleship conference in Atlanta.  Even though it was chaotic and LOUD in my house most of the time, it went exceedingly well overall.  The boys played well with  my children and everyone obeyed (mostly).  We went to the park one day, and Saturday Tim and I took all the kids to the retired horse farm to feed the horses.  I am so glad that Jess asked us to keep the boys.  It was a blessing to be able to help out a dear friend.

Lucy and Nathan reading books together

Andrew and Lucy with sort of cheesy smiles

Sidewalk Chalk!

Little bit of everything

Brave Andrew

The whole crew

Ft. Myers Beach

About a week and half ago, we took a trip down to Ft. Myers to see my parents and my brother Kevin who lives in Louisiana.  He got an entire week off of work for Mardi Gras (crazy!) and decided to visit the folks, so we thought we’d crash there too. 🙂  Unfortunately, not a single one of my pictures from the trip actually include my dearest brother whom we seldom see…poor planning on my part.  But I did get some really cute pics of the kids at the beach.

It is with guilt and not a little embarrassment that I make the following confession: my parents live about 15 minutes from several beautiful beaches, and this is the first time I have taken my kids to one of them. 🙁  My children have been more familiar with Hilton Head, SC where we go with my in-laws every year than any FL beach…pathetic, I know.  In the past, I have felt a bit reluctant to venture out to places (like the beach) alone with my three children because there are so many out-of-my-control variables.  But I am happy to report that I braved the traffic, the parking, the walking, the carrying of all the “stuff,” food, and my two year old, and we had a great time.  We went once, just the four of us, and then a few days later, Aunt Missy and her brood joined us.  The kids were absolutely enthralled, and I was too.  I LOVE the beach, and the weather was perfect.  So from now on, we will be making a trek to the beach whenever we are at Grammy’s.

Lucy was a dedicated shell-seeker

Connor was into the castle building and hole digging

Tyler loved all the sand

Connor and Caleb

Mini-man with his cheesy grin

Autumn Marie

Connor's attempt at burying Caleb

Lu, Samantha, and Autumn

Valentine’s Day Playdate

I  must confess that when we invited our friends the Germeroths over for a playdate, I never even thought about it being Valentine’s Day.  It didn’t really matter though, because hubby and I were in an unspoken agreement that we weren’t really going to celebrate it.  The kids and I did make Valentine cut-out cookies though.  Avy May and Joel (and my kids too, of course) really enjoyed helping me roll out the dough and cut out heart shapes.  It was a fun time.  Btw, sorry about the lack of posts again…busy times..trying to get back into the swing of things. 🙂

Avy May cutting out cookies

The finished heart

Lucy loved helping me take care of "the little ones"

Joel and Connor enjoyed being the two big boys 🙂