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Tyler waiting patiently

Lucy waiting patiently

The Cat-in-the-Hat

Friday I took Lucy and Tyler to the library to hear about nocturnal creatures and see the Cat-in-the-Hat.  I’ll admit that the presentation was not that great.  The Cat was definitely the highlight for both the kids and me.  Just the same, I love the free events at our public library.  We’ve been to magic shows, juggling shows, and seen fun characters like the Cat and Clifford.  In addition, I just love the library.  I love to be around books and think about all the possibilities for reading, and I want to pass down that passion to my kids.  Right now they’re mostly interested in playing on the kids’ computers, but they also enjoy choosing the stories we will read in the upcoming week, and Connor is starting to get into choosing the books that he can read himself.  We go to the library about once a week.  The book Honey for a Child’s Heart is a great resource for good children’s literature, and I take that book with me frequently to give me ideas for authors.

A whole new world

Hello everyone.  I have a  couple of minutes so I’m going to try to catch up.  We’ll see how far I get.

Three beans reading

My oldest bean Connor is learning to read.  Hurray!  He is doing a wonderful job, and I am so excited by the strides he’s made even this summer.  It is really like a door to a different world has been opened up to him.  We have been making a list of every book he reads this summer and giving him a little reward for every 20 books he reads.  So far he’s earned one reward, and he’s working towards his second.  As his mother and homeschool teacher, I am so thrilled that the pieces of reading are starting to come together for him.  Learning to read English is a difficult challenge, since none of the rules are hard and fast, but I’m enjoying guiding my son through this adventure.  It’s also really encouraging to see Lucy excited about the prospect of learning to read.

Tyler's first beater

Connor's lego entry

Connor receives the Lego Jr. magazine in which there is a quarterly contest.  For this particular contest, kids are supposed to make an American flag out of legos.  Above is a picture of Connor’s effort.  I was pretty impressed…and I love that left cheek dimple. 🙂

Amazing creation

On our way out as we were walking through the garage, we stumbled upon this really neat spider web on Tim’s band saw.  The center almost looks like a fingerprint.  Romans 1:19-20  “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 20For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.”

Work in progress

a great designer, created by the great Designer

Lucy’s little piggies

Lucy has recently had her toes painted on two separate, special occasions.  (I have painted her toes several times in the past, but these two times were more’ll see why in a second.  Also, we almost never paint her finger nails, because she still sucks her thumb when she sleeps.)

Daddy painted her toes...what a treat!

Yesterday, I took Lucy on a little date where she got her haircut and she got her toes painted.  She loved it!  She chose her own color, and she definitely has a better eye for color than I do.  The pink she picked was perfect!  The girl at the nail salon was so sweet to her and even painted little flowers on her big toes.  In the last picture, notice the little specks of dirt on Lucy’s toes…my tomboy child and her dirty feet (she didn’t get a pedicure, just nail painting, so her feet remained dirty…haha!)

Ready to be pampered!

Sitting very still

Making a polish flower with a toothpick

The finished product...dirt specks and all

Fine Dining

Ok…I took these pictures weeks ago, but couldn’t get them posted for some reason.  Here are a few pics of our new dining room with the wood floor.  There is a lamp in the corner of the room that isn’t supposed to be there.  We were using that for light before the chandelier was in.  I’m so glad we were able to get the wood floor.  I really love the way it turned out.

From the family room doorway

The china cabinet fit perfectly into the alcove! Hurray!

Looking toward the family room doorway

From the table looking into the kitchen

Hot hubby

My darling husband has recently decided to return to the gym, and I am posting this (on the off chance he remembers to read my blog) to say how proud I am of him.  He is using this app on his i-phone called “Couch to 5K” three days a week, and weight-lifting at the Y three days a week.  As a software developer, he is sedentary for at least 8 hours a day, and I often worry about the effects of his job on his health.  So I am SO happy that he is getting active again.  Our pastor at church has also begun the “Couch to 5K, ” and they are planning on running a 5K together.  Keep up the good work, honey!

Recovering on the floor under the fan after a run 🙂

Time with Dad

Hello friends!  I just wanted to share a few quick pics of the kids with Tim.  They love playing games with Tim.  Lucy and Tyler play the Discovery game “Oh Rats!” and Connor plays Monopoly Deal and Skip-Bo.  Connor and Lucy also enjoy playing Uno and War with each other.  If given the chance, Lucy will choose girl games like Disney Princess-themed Memory and Pretty, Pretty Princess or just play babies or teaset, but she’s currently outnumbered by her brothers, so she usually submits to Connor’s wishes.   PS  Notice our continued lack of furniture in the family room.  I can’t even remember how long it’s been since we had a place to sit. 🙂

Lucy observing a game of Monopoly Deal

Skip-Bo with Daddy