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Dumb and Dumber

I have recently done two not bright things.  Why I’m sharing them on-line for all to read about I haven’t yet determined, except that they will be here for me to read in the future and hopefully laugh about.  By the way, both of these incidents involve my unfortunate Honda Odyssey.

First, I have discovered (much to my chagrin) that the dye from red construction paper will leach out of the paper and stain whatever surface the paper is lying on, if the paper becomes saturated with water.  One of the children’s pieces of artwork on red construction paper was sitting on the front passenger seat of my car, as was one of the their water bottles.  Yes, you guessed it: the water bottle leaked onto the paper, and the paper dyed my seat RED.  I was quite dismayed when I lifted the soggy paper and discovered a red polka-dotted leather seat.  I tried special leather cleaner and that stain is going nowhere.  I think the sun baked it in.  Oh well, you can’t take it with you, right?

Second (I am currently in the middle of this pickle), after coming home from the grocery store this evening, as I was exiting my car, my elbow hit the lock button and the door slammed behind me before I had chance to process what that “click” sound meant.  Yes, I locked my keys, purse, and groceries in the car in my driveway.  And no, for some ridiculous reason, we do not have a spare key or key fob to the van.  So I will be shelling out about $65 to pay someone to let me into my own van in my own driveway….sigh.  I wish I could describe how defeated I feel right now, while at the same time realizing that both of these situations are actually quite funny (in a pathetic sort of way).  I hope someone reading this will get a good laugh :).  I’m sure I will…in 10 years. 😉  Gotta go now and meet the locksmith.

Silence is golden

It is Sunday afternoon, and all my children are sleeping.  It is blissfully quiet here at the Beanery, and I am thankful for a moment of respite.  No doubt the chaos of waking children who need snacks, juice, etc. will soon descend upon me with little or no warning but for the time being, it is nice to sit down for a peaceful post.  (I wrote that on Sunday, but it is now Tuesday and I still have yet to finish this post…oh well…)

I want to backtrack a little and tell you all about about a couple weekends ago, when my husband and I drove to Orlando, so that he could participate in the Indy Car Racing Experience that I purchased for him for Christmas.

Tim in his fire-proof suit

in front of his Indy car

zooming around the racetrack

He had to wear a fire-proof suit, which, according to Tim, “couldn’t have been hotter unless he had been on fire,” fire-proof shoes, a fire-proof sock over his head, and a helmet.  So while we waited outside for his turn on the track, he was losing gallons of water weight. 🙂    While we were talking before he drove, he told me that he was planning on flooring it the whole time.  After his turn, he told me that it took him about 4 laps to feel comfortable with the car and the track and not feel like he was going to fly right off the road. (He got to drive eight laps around the track.)  By the end he was flooring it.  He said he would love to do it again sometime and that next time he would definitely floor it the whole time. 🙂  I love it when these out-of-the-box Christmas presents work out so well.  Thanks to my mom for keeping the kiddies at my house, so we could take this day trip.

The week before that we spent at my parents’ house in Ft. Myers.  I am so thankful for my parents and for their willingness to have all of us “home.”  Despite the ruin and disarray we often cause to their home, they always joyfully welcome us with open arms and rearrange their schedules for us.  My mom cooks delicious meals that my children eat happily–not that my kids are picky, but for some reason, they rarely give Grammy a hard time about food–and my dad plans out elaborate treasure hunts with my kids, involving maps, magic writing, locked chests found three feet underground in their backyard, and real money.  All of this is in addition to having a beautiful pool at our disposal and the company of  my parents.  Did I mention that I also love their church AND Miss and Jess live near them, so I usually get to see them and their kids too!  Below are some pictures from our trip down there.

Connor climbing the rock wall at PumpitUp

Tyler enjoyed the bouncing for about 15 minutes 🙂

Tyler's favorite part was the water fountain. He's fascinated by them.

Sweet big sis

Grammy and Ty

Lucy, Samantha, and Autumn at Aunt Miss's house


It’s already June 10, but before I go to bed, I just wanted to say “Welcome to the world, little Sarah Elizabeth Heise!”  She was born yesterday morning, June 9, to my other best friend Katie.  I can’t wait to meet her and hold her.  Ok, now I’m really going to bed.  Good night!

The Three Amigos

I should be going to bed right now…I’m sure there will be regrets in the morning (I am actually praying that those regrets will not translate into increased impatience and frustration with the little messes that will inevitably greet me tomorrow, and no, I’m not referring to my children…hehe)  But I just have to write tonight because my heart is full and I want to remember what’s in my head, and I just know it won’t be as clear in the morning.

Sidenote I had to leave my children in the care of babysitters for about 6 1/2 hours today, and although I was happy for the break, I missed them terribly.  I checked on them in their beds when I returned tonight just like I always do.  I was so happy to see them that I actually tried to wake them up to tell them how much I loved them (not my 18 mo. old, because that would have been completely disastrous…just the older two).  Connor, my very deep sleeper, just rolled over and refused to awaken.  But my sweet Lucy opened her eyes slowly and said in a sleepy, sweet voice, “Mama.”  That one word made my whole day, because she said it with a sort of relief and happiness that I had come home.

Back to the post:  I had the very great pleasure of meeting my two best friends Jessica and Missy in Ocala tonight for a concert.  Ok, I feel like I have to qualify what I mean by “best” friends, because the truth is I have several what I would call best friends.  Jess and Miss are different from these other dear friends in that I have literally known them my whole life.  I have known Missy since I was born (she’s six months older) and Jess since I was two.  We all grew up in the same church, attended the same school for many years, and have by God’s good providence stayed close through my almost thirty-three years.  These girls know me inside and out–the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Example:  They suggested The Golden Corral as our dinner venue and when I asked them if they were serious–because I abhor that place–they both burst out laughing.  They just thought it would be funny to test my reaction.) They know everything that’s underneath my lovely social polish that we sometimes cultivate as adults, and they’re not afraid to call me out when I’m exaggerating just a little too much, when I’m being a jerk, and when I’m getting too full of myself.  They are very different from me in personality, but I think that’s one of the reasons God gave them to me as friends.  Missy is my delightful, detailed planner.  (She plans her meals down to the snacks she will serve herself and her kids–Miss, don’t be mad…you know it’s true.)  She has taught me so much about good homeschooling practices and I am forever thankful for and utterly in awe of her organization and dedication.  She also has a tender conscience and is quick to encourage me against gossip and criticism.  Jess is my independent, self-sufficient, and careful friend.  She’s not afraid to tell it like it is or to ask for what she wants.  When the three of us are together, Miss and I always want Jess to ask the questions (of the server or the person who is talking on her cell phone too loudly in the theater).  She is bold in a sweet and humble way that I so admire.  She encourages me in my walk with with Lord, because she is so sincere in hers.  These descriptions are just snapshots…I could fill pages with who these women are and what they mean to me.

I love these girls so much.  Since we’re separated by hundreds of miles now, every time we get together, we have a blast.  We laugh about everything and razz each other about our little idiosyncrasies.  I am so thankful that they took the time and effort to drive all the way to Ocala for one night of fun.  They’re driving home right now, probably doing shots of Red Bull to stay awake.  (They’re moms of little ones too.)

I mainly wanted to write this post as a tribute to Jess and Miss, but I also want to say how much I enjoyed Anita Renfroe and Mandisa in concert tonight.  These are women who love the Lord and who are using their gifts for Him and His glory.  Anita Renfroe is hilarious!  If you haven’t seen her videos or even if you have, check out these: In Tha Muthahood, A More Real Love Story, and The Mom Song.  Mandisa did a fabulous job as well and was really open about her faith in Christ.  I will be downloading some itunes from her new album.

As midnight approaches, I will say goodnight, dear readers.  Almost forgot, the title of this blog has a double meaning: it refers to Miss, Jess, and me as the three friends and it is also a reference to one of our favorite movies that we know all the lines to.  Jess does a mean Chevy Chase impression..wish I had video of that to share 😉

Anita Renfroe


Miss and Jess

Jess and I cracking up because of Missy's antics with my camera

Jess and I, trying not to crack up

Three best friends