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The past few months

Okay, before my little post about gratitude, I saw that my last post was in October…yikes!  It’s embarrassing to get so behind in my postings, and I apologize to my two faithful readers (hehe…just kidding..i know there are four of you).  So in this new year, I resolve to do better, but we all know how those resolutions generally turn out.  Seriously, though, if you notice that it has been more than a few weeks since the last post, feel free to email me and complain and/or nag.  Some of you have already taken it upon yourselves to be my blog nanny.  And I thank you for it!

My next post will, I hope, be a quick summary of the end of 2010 along with some pictures of our family.  Thank you for your patience.  This blog and I are a work in progress.

Gratitude Attitude

I just made my once-a-week (at least) speech to my older children about having a grateful heart for all that God has given them and then I sent them to their room.  It all started because Connor received two books of fake tattoos in his Christmas stocking and Lucy only received one.  Lucy began to complain and lament the unfairness of her situation (only having one book).  I explained that life is not fair and that she should be thankful.  With my next breath, I also encouraged Connor to share one of his tattoos with his sister since he had a whole extra book.  Well, it ended in conflict between them and frustration in my heart.  Consequently I made my speech.

After sending them to their room, I went to my own room, not a little keyed up from having to explain to them (again!) how much God has blessed them and how much more they have than so many others.  A thought occurred to  me in the midst of my musings–why hadn’t I just purchased each of them two tattoo books in the first place?!  That certainly would have prevented all this unpleasantness, right?  But then I had another thought.  If I always made everything perfectly fair and even (which I never possibly could anyway) would that really prepare them for real life?  They need opportunities where one receives and the other doesn’t, where one wins and the other doesn’t.  In real life, we don’t all get a trophy at the end of the season just because.  As frustrating as this particular situation was because I saw the selfishness of their hearts (a reflection of my own heart), it was another chance for them to learn how to deal graciously and gratefully with life’s tremendous unfairness and inequalities.

I wish that I could show them in my own life how to view the little annoyances of life in light of the gospel: first to be thankful for all that God has provided and then to realize that what really matters in life is believing in Christ and living for Him by His grace and Spirit.  But I still have a long way to go.  Even as I’m trying to distill these thoughts for this post, my children are popping out of their room asking if they are allowed to come out yet, and I feel that familiar sense of impatience and irritation.  Yes, I need Christ’s grace as much, if not more, than they do!  All of life’s frustrations, sorrows, and sufferings pale in comparison to what Christ suffered for us to reconcile us to a holy God.  This is the glorious truth of the gospel.  I wish that I myself would see more and more  God’s amazing depth of mercy and grace for an undeserving sinner such as myself–that He would send His own Son to die for me!