Hello to all my blog readers!  I hope you will forgive the scarcity of new posts in the last month.  Baby Tyler’s arrival on Dec. 13 set me back a little and I have (until now) not had time to make good on my resolution to give regular updates on our newest addition.  I am going to attempt now to write a brief summary of our lives the past weeks.  (I actually wrote much of this a week ago and then never got around to publishing it).

We are in the process of establishing a new normal at our home.  Tyler is adorable and sweet and is finally starting to show signs of “chubby” on his little chicken-leg thighs…Timothy and I are both delighted by this development.  He has not yet smiled, except unintentionally, but he looks like he could burst into a big grin any day now.  Last night he slept in his own bed the whole night (not uninterrupted sleep, of course) and I was so thankful to the Lord for this, because until then, he had been sleeping in my arms.  Connor and Lucy have been extremely loving to their new brother and they both love to kiss him; however, neither can stand to hear his crying.  So when he does cry, which he does, his elder siblings cover their ears and run from the room and hide…not that helpful to me. (hehe)   Lucy has also had some difficulty adjusting to her new position as middle child.  She has become quite clingy to me and has started complaining of all sorts of infirmities (i.e. “My knee hurts.  My back hurts.  My____ hurts.) in order to get attention.  We are trying to love her through this transition while at the same time remind her that she still needs to obey….tricky.

Christmas was wonderful!  My parents and brother and sister-in-law came to our house to share it with us, and I was so thankful for extra hands to hold and play with the children and prepare food.  It was so nice to be together with everyone.  Highlights from Christmas were Connor’s opening his rapid fire Nerf gun and Lucy’s opening her “baby with a binkie,” sharing hot pot (Chinese fondue) and Chinese dumplings with my family, watching Kevin and Marisol interact so lovingly with my children, having Mom and Dad meet their newest grandson, watching Grumpa and Uncle Kevin play guns with Connor, and watching Tyler curl up on my mom’s shoulder for a nap.

And last week, Tim’s parents and brother John came to visit, so we had another week of company and help, which was very much enjoyed and appreciated.   Highlights were the wonderful food prepared by Mom, John enjoying playing guns with Connor as much as Connor enjoyed it, Settlers of Catan, getting two broker light switches fixed (thanks, dad!), watching Singing in the Rain, and just spending time together.

Life is busy and it is much harder to leave the house now, especially since the weather has been FREEZING!!!  Jen and Katie, I know it’s nothing compared to IA and MI, but for FL, it is really, really cold!  But we managed (the 4 of us..that sounds crazy!) to go to MOPS this morning and we actually made it there on time.  I am so thankful for the way God has blessed our family with Tyler and with good health (finally!).  He has also been so gracious to me to keep me emotionally balanced for the most part.  It’s an adjustment having three, and I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten, but I really am enjoying every minute of it…okay, maybe not every minute, but the children (all of them) really are a joy and a treasure.  We appreciate continued prayers as we figure out a new routine.  Thanks to all of you for your support, prayers, encouragement, and for those in Gainesville, the meals and childcare!  We love you all.  Below are a couple of pics.  If you click on them, you can see more of Tyler over the last month.