Not quite a week late, here is my halloween post.  For Halloween, we took the children to the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo for their annual “Boo at the Zoo” event.  It was hot and crowded, and I have to admit that I questioned why in the world we had chosen to go again, because the children don’t even really understand or appreciate the theme and decorations. (And you can’t really see any animals either…kind of ironic.)  But they got to dress up in their costumes, which they loved; and, despite the long line and the heat, they really enjoyed it.  They also were able to get lots of candy in their pumpkin buckets.  This year both the children dressed as pirates, because Connor really wanted to be pirate (so that he could carry a sword) and Lucy, who wants to emulate her big brother, chose to be a pirate as well.Halloween2009 012smHalloween2009 015smHalloween2009 019smHalloween2009 029sm